The Difference between Federal and Private Student Loan Consolidation


The best device for dealing with a couple of debts is the student loan consolidation. This helps you to blend all your private or government student loans into one with longer terms and moderate installment. In the US, there are two kinds of student loans classes available: the government and private student loans.

What is a private student loan?

Private student loans are any type of loans that are not given by the government. These credits don’t offer the adaptable reimbursement terms or borrower assurances highlighted by federal student loans.

Private student loans are not financed or sponsored by the central government; rather, they are subsidized by banks, credit unions, or different kinds of loan specialists. The lender – sets financing costs, credit breaking points, terms, and states of private student loan.

Difference between Private and federal consolidation loan

The Federal student loan refinance will help a student to consolidate every one of his loan into one with a low loan fee. Additionally, the length of the installment term can be set by necessities. A student can request a federal consolidation loan from different financial organizations offering incredible loan bundles.

Federal consolidation loan’s interest is low

On the drawback, the low regularly scheduled installments will help expand the full aggregate sum to be reimbursed. Indeed, the federal student consolidation loans offer the accompanying valuable elements:

– Interest rate – the rates offered by the federal consolidation student loans is extensively lower than some other private loan plans.

– Monthly installments – the regularly scheduled installments are presently reasonable and won’t jeopardize your financial plan

– Single credit – every month you’ll have just one installment to pay.

  Federal student loan is flexible and has broad eligibility

Any student not currently in school and does not have any outstanding loan to repay or he has entered the grace period after graduation, then he is qualified for federal consolidation loan.

The students that have scholarships are qualified additionally for consolidation loan. The student debt consolidation loan excludes the private education loan and student is eligible to apply for federal consolidation loan at a few organizations and establishments, for example, banks, other financial institutions and credit unions.

The federal student loan interest is tax deductible

The federal loan interest sum is tax deductible and that is the reason it would be best not to blend private and federal loans. If you do that, you’ll just lose its benefits offered by a federal consolidation loan. Federal student consolidation loan are advances made or ensured by the Department of Education.

While both student loan types permit you to get cash to pay for training costs, there are some unmistakable differences you must put into consideration before applying for a student loan.  These differences that can guide you in your decision for student loan refinance have been analyzed in this article.

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Scholarship in Nigeria 2016: how can you study abroad for free?

Scholarship in Nigeria 2016 how can you study abroad for free

Do Nigerian students have a chance to study abroad for nothing? Read the article and you’ll learn everything about outside colleges-scholarships in Nigeria.  Nature of European training for some participants from Nigeria stays just a fantasy. There is a prevalent view that preparation in outside advanced education foundations for nonnatives costs in particular, and Nigerian students reject thepoint of view instruction ahead of time, taking into account bits of gossip.

Free preparing abroad is a reality for any understudy. They need just craving.

Latest educational news in Nigeria-study abroad

The primary concern is to pick aright nation to study abroad. Maybe, thehuntfor thefoundation, which works as per free grants, will be the most vital thing. In Europe, there is a considerable measure of instruction establishments of this write. Students can think about in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Sweden, and Austria. Picking the nations, keep in mind to figure out the amount of cash does life abroad expenses. In some of them, for instance in Sweden, life is entirely costly;

Scholarship in Nigeria 2016 how can you study abroad for free

The information of remote dialects will permit taking an interest in agreater number of projects. You can also visit our best article here. English expertise is a mandatory prerequisite for all intents and purposes for all projects- post UTME. Learning of whatever another dialect will recognize the applicant from contenders and will permit looking over greater rundown of colleges and nations. Normally preparing at expert projects in Europe is held in English. However learning of dialect of the nation, to which the applicant is going, gives extra focuses;

The best colleges in world

Regularly colleges give gifts in magistracy and postgraduate study, and less energetically — on preparing at four-year college education level. What’s more, concedes can be gotten likewise on transient examination programs, a late spring dialect course, and investment in workshops. The lion’s share of outside advanced education establishments offersstudents stipends for preparing in themagistracy.

It is possible to discover a gift for acquiring four-year certification as well, yet in 90% of cases, such concede will cover just a half of study expense in the principal year, or will permit a yearly rebate amid the whole time of preparing. For more information you can checkout this url: here. The best number of offers is accessible to the individuals who have graduate degree, was occupied with exploration movement, has accomplished certain outcomes and has to back of local University;

Having chosen essential focusesit is conceivable to begin seeking of post-UTMEpast questions and to attempt on the possibility to each of them, breaking down whether it approaches by criteria, which coordinators show to hopefuls, and on interests of the competitor;

It is likewise worth focusing that at some projects, which will sort out grants, there is one necessity — return of the understudy to thelocal area after the end of preparing. Picking the system, it merits understanding that on some of them it will not be possible to move to other nation.

Later on, on the off chance that you enter the college, and you will study well, it is conceivable to get an extraordinary grant. In a few foundations, they are adequate to cover numerous costs on life. Infrequently, having even entered pay concentrating on, it is entirely possible to meet costs on it. Check more of latest educational news in Nigeria.

What are the pros and cons of consolidating my student loans?


Gone are the days when it was, for the most part,a quick thought for most government student loan borrowers to solidify their loans. The student loan world has changed altogether, dispensing with two of the greatest advantages of consolidation.

First, most government loans beforehand included variable financing costs. These rates changed every year, so concentration permitted borrowers to secure small numbers. In July 2006, financing costs on new loans got to be altered. Since student loan refinances costs take a weighted typical of the private loan rates, borrowers no more naturally get a lower rate by combining.

Second, before, it was basic to have your government student loans held by different servicers. By combining, borrowers could pay one servicer rather than numerous.

Advantages of Consolidating Student Loan Debts

To acquire access to absolution or reimbursement benefits:

Student loan regulations and laws are entangled, yet once in a while that can work to the borrower’s regale. This is genuine with regards to consolidation, Parent PLUS loans, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

  • While Parent PLUS loans are qualified for PSLF, it is hard for borrowers to exploit this advantage. A borrower must make 120 installments under a standard 10-year, pay based, wage unforeseen or Pay as You Earn installment plan to fit the bill for PSLF.
  • The catch is that Parent PLUS loans are not qualified for the three salaries related installment arranges, and a borrower paying under a standard reimbursement arrangement will have nothing left to overlook after 120 installments.
  • If you solidify a Parent PLUS loan under the Direct Loan program, be that as it may, it gets to be qualified for unexpected money reimbursement and along these lines canbe qualified for PSLF.
  • On a related note, as just Direct Loans are restricted for PSLF, borrowers with more seasoned Federal Family Education Loan Program loans can utilize consolidation to move those loans into the Direct Loan system to access PSLF.

To obtain a lower payment

While pay related installment arranges to give quite required alleviation to numerous, those lower installment sums might even now be too high to oversee. For those borrowers, particularly those with lower loan parties, augmenting the term of the loan through consolidation might really yield a lower installment than some other reimbursement alternatives.

This mini-computer can measure those alternatives on the double. Simply recall that the more you take to pay the loan, the more you will payin thehobby.

To manage private student loans

The advantages of student loan consolidation have expanded with regards to private student loans. While it part not fitting to combine government loans with private loans since you’ll lose the elected advantages, solidifying your individual private loans might bode well. More explained in our post here:

There’s been a noteworthy increment in moneylenders offering a private loan consolidation item, expanding the intensity of these items. Borrowers can regularly locate a lower financing cost and ideal terms, particularly on the off chance that they have a decent installment history on their current private loans to date.

To get out of default

If you’ve defaulted on your government student loans, consolidation is the speediest approach to get the loan out of default. Consolidation is not as useful as loan restoration, as consolidation does not expel the default from your record. Be that as it may, in case youare not qualified for recovery or can’t take an ideal opportunity to finish that procedure, consolidation can recover your loan on favorable terms.

A decent place to begin to decide the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation will be your student loan holder, which will have a decent comprehension of how consolidation will benefit – or not advantage – your specific circumstancesays scholarships.


How to apply for scholarship in Nigeria


Scholarships in Nigeria are offered for everyone and, because they are targeted towards multiple different people, every student can make an application for something. Many students without a good grade point average assume that they could not receive a scholarship.

Many Nigerian students require some financial help to further their studies. Sometimes they might need this money to visit abroad and complete their studies. This can be obtained through scholarships and grants. There are many scholarships in Nigeria and grants available to Nigerian students either to help you they complete their education here in the country or to travel abroad for their schooling. These scholarships are offered by the government, non-governmental operation, international agencies, individuals, informative institutions, and corporations.

The grants and scholarships in Nigeria are designed to give students financially reduced schooling and education affordable to the winners. To be able to win these scholarships, therefore, guidelines you should know, there are methods of trying to get a scholarship that will bring you accepted for the prize. Here are some from the things you need to remember before you apply for a scholarship in an attempt to increase your chance to be selected.

Need for the particular Scholarship

You have to recognize why you are trying to get this scholarship. This is because the majority of the scholarships are need-based, academic based and programs based. What I mean is there are some scholarships and grants that can be given to people who want it; others are given to people who would like to go for their 4-year college degree, master’s degree or doctoral degree. However, the majority is given to those who are ready to study a unique course or discipline. Find out more here.

So you should know what your need is, so check the latest educational news in Nigeria to look intended for.

Are you eligible?

You need to be sure that you qualify for any scholarships in Nigeria you are trying to get, to avoid being dismissed off. The eligibility status is usually written on the website or application notice from the institution offering the scholarship or grant.

  • It comprises of many things that include having a new pass mark in tests like SAT, GMAT along with GRE.
  • Sometimes the eligibility condition might be that you’ll be an indigene of a state, country or region, so check the eligibility requirements well, to make sure that you are eligible for

Application notice

Applying for scholarships in Nigeria or grant involves you writing a credit card application letter to the association giving the award. A well-crafted application letter always increases your probabilities of being accepted by the particular deciding board and receiving you the award. You should write your letter in a formal way like you are applying for work. There are sample scholarships or grant application letters on the internet you can check out to see how it is done.

Many students without a good grade point average assume that they could not receive a scholarship, but there are many scholarships out there that do not specifically deal with grades check jamb admission status. For example, you’ll find scholarships available for extra-curricular actions.

By being involved with these activities, it lets colleges know that the student applying for the scholarship maintained leadership abilities and experience in activities outside of the classroom. Teachers of these extra-curricular actions usually give students a terrific recommendation letter that provide them with a better chance associated with obtaining this scholarship check on the latest educational news in Nigeria.

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Distance Learning Courses On The Internet – Introduction To Basics

Distance Learning Courses On The Internet - Introduction To Basics

There is no dearth of websites providing distance learning degrees and diplomas on the internet. You might have known some people who gave up studies a decade ago but are earning a good income online now. You can also visit our top article here. There are two types of courses offered online

Courses Meant For Online Jobs

1.Some courses are designed to help you get an online job. These courses are usually focused on writing, journalism, internet marketing, etc. These courses can be completed from the comfort of your home, and you will be undergoing a regular study program. Some reputable online schools can also offer classes through their multimedia platform. IF you have come across such institutes, they are probably offering the best deal out there.

Courses meant for online jobs are accompanied by expert lectures on various topics. Since a professor or an internet marketing expert does not have to move from his cabin to give a lecture to thousands of students at once, it’s very cost effective for the online school. That is the reason you can find some high-quality online degree and diploma courses with pretty low admission and tuition fee.

Distance Learning Courses On The Internet - Introduction To Basics

2.You can also undergo courses that can help you to get a day job. There is no dearth of distance learning courses offered online that can help you to get a day job in your locality. You can complete a short course on accounting or something else. Most likely, you will be finding a course that deals with computers. You may not find courses that require practical experimentation.

One can even go for an online nursing course these days and these courses are becoming popular among students. Some courses are even designed to equip you with necessary presentation or sales skills. You can visit this link: if you need to know more. These courses are delivered through multimedia lectures, and you can utilize them at your day job. Some qualified folks are now opting for short term internet degrees that enable them to learn something specific. A mechanical engineer can undergo an online course on sales and purchase techniques, and a software engineer can opt for language learning program.

The internet is so big that it offers choices for everyone. You will be rewarded with the same degree as given to regular students of a university if you are approaching a genuine Institute for your internet education courses. One of the most important things to remember when applying for online distance education programs is to find at least one or two concrete pieces of evidence that assert the genuine of school or university. Scammers have left no stone unturned to cheat people looking for quick opportunities. In the end also click here for more information. Never go after online distance learning courses that talk more about the dreamy results than the course material and teaching methodology.

A sane person can quickly recognize if a website under consideration is offering genuine educational services online or it’s just another online enterprise impersonating to be number one in the field! Online degree courses can be of great help if you choose the right course, institution and do your hard work to learn from home.

Benefits Of Internet Degrees And Diplomas

Benefits Of Internet Degrees And Diplomas

Apart from professional leverage, there are several other benefits of internet degrees and diplomas. However, not everyone is aware of the specific advantages of courses that you can complete from the comfort of your home.

Here are top benefits of internet degrees and diplomas

  1. You will have to pay no room and boarding fees in this case. You can also visit this site for more information. If you are currently unemployed and financially stuck to continue further with a classroom program, you can directly approach an online school or university to get enrolled for an online degree, diploma or a short course. You will be charged lower tuition fee as well. Money saving factor is a major concern as not everyone can afford to spend time and money on courses offered by traditional schools and universities. Online schools and universities can impart education at much lower rates because of their low operational costs.
  2. Even if these schools hire the best experts around and let the deliver lectures to students like you, they will be able to deliver those expert lectures at a very nominal rate. That is one of the great advantages of online degrees and diplomas when you are enrolledwith a reputed online school. Some of these schools may ask you to furnish scanned documents and other details before they award you a degree, but most of these schools are just concerned about your willingness to learn.Benefits Of Internet Degrees And Diplomas
  3. There are vast numbers of choices in online education arena that you can try out. These options are not available in local institutes. Whether you are looking for a quick course on accounting, staffing, HR policy documentation, company law or anything else, you can find online schools and institutes that provide these courses. You can also visit our link here for more information. You can even find courses on specific niches such as presentation skills, group discussions, seminar delivery, nursing, creative writing, internet marketing and a hundred other topics. Just choose the topics that will help you to do your day job in a much better way.
  4. For busy people, these courses offer great opportunities because one can complete these courses by devoting few hours a week. Since you will be taking the classes, completing lessons, etc. in your free time, there will be no barriers to your regular job. Even if you are currently enrolled at some university and earning a degree, acquiring an additional degree can be of great help as well. One should be careful about choosing internet degree and diploma categories. You may not enroll yourself to a wrong course, but you can certainly end up with something below average.
  5. These diplomas are suitable for all sorts of professionals! Even if you are a housewife, you can opt for some great courses and completely revitalize your life! There are some options for housewives, whether they want to change their boring schedules, or they are looking to make serious money through online jobs. At last if you not satisfied with the info you can click here. From writing to graphic designing, there is no dearth of categories that a housewife can choose from.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Education On The Internet

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Education On The Internet

The internet age has definitely bought about a radical change the world over. Information on the net is available easily, and transactions are lightning fast. The internet has made things for us extremely convenient. You may be in a remote corner of the globe and yet connect with your friends and family. The internet offers information on everything under the sun. The plethora of sites that are dedicated to various subjects is truly astonishing.

The internet has gained prominence in schools and universities all over the world. Sites dedicated to education and learning are vast and consist of comprehensive information that helps individuals. The internet helps individuals from various disciplines to gain knowledge on a particular subject. Education through the Internet has several advantages and disadvantages that are discussed in the lines below.

Books Written By Authors

You cannot buy all the books that help you in your field of education. Even if you can afford them,the chances are that a few are out of print or unavailable. The internet has a huge collection of E-books that are available on the internet. Books written by authors in various fields of education are available on various sites. Most sites offer free downloads of educational books. Downloading or referring to E-books saves a lot of money which can be used for other constructive purposes. The internet allows you to access information on various fields of education at anytime from any location. You can also visit this link: for more information. Classroom teaching in most schools all over the world includes learning through educative sites through the internet. Various schools and colleges all over have implemented learning through sites that help shape an individual’s growth.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Education On The Internet

Online education is gaining momentum in all parts of the world. There are online courses offered by reputed universities and colleges that allow students from different countries to opt for a course about their field of education. Moving to another country for further studies can be expensive. An online course through a reputed university or institute saves a lot of money. Although there is a lot of information on various educative fields on the internet, the content on some sites may be false or irrelevant. The credibility of a site on the internet cannot be determined. Some pay and learn educative sites charge huge amounts and do not provide learning for all the mentioned aspects of education.

Although sites other than the educative ones used in the curriculum have restricted access, students find ways to access other sites that can hamper their learning. Referring continuously to online books can tire your eyes and give migraines to a few individual. If you need to know more you can also checkout this article to know more. A major drawback of online education is the lack of discipline. Students tend to get distracted and spend more time on social networking sites. Some students pay for online courses and fail to complete them. It is important that you refer to some educative sites and gather information relevant to your field of education. The internet is a decisive learning tool that can shape your career growth if used properly.

Examination malpractices in Nigeria

Examination malpractices in Nigeria

Nigeria is facing problems in education systems for so long. There are no proper scholarships in Nigeria for students. There is no proper display of admission list and post utme updates.


Malpractice is any purposeful act of wrong doing, dissimilar to the rules of examinations intended to give a candidate an unjust advantage or able regularly, to place a candidate at a disadvantage.Malpractice therefore provides irregularities in the education and examination system. In some systems, the degree of malpractice is so much high that it critically undermines the reliability of the education system.


The following are some identified forms of examinations malpractice:-


It means that the material of examination or part of it is shown in public even before taking the examination. Typically it involves one or more of the following: authoritative members of the examination systems, printers, proof reading authority, messengers, and authorities to produce the papers or to determinist suitability and school personnel.

Examination malpractices in Nigeria


A student who is not registered as a candidate in examination takes the place of the person who is already registered. Usually this involves incompatibility between the head examiner and the exam supervisor. It often involves students from institutions appearing in the test for scholarships in Nigeria or a favor for a relative. Sometimes new employees are asked to appear in the examination in place of the senior examinee to get scholarships in Nigeria.

External Assistance:

Students who are not exam candidates giving unofficial assistance to candidates are external assistance providers. Usually this involves supervisors narrating answers, writing answers on the teaching boards, calculating sheets of worked out answers during the time of the examinations or becoming transporters of exam materials into the examination center. In some cases entering helpers here used phones or broadcast answers.

Smuggling of foreign materials:

This is the most typical form of malpractice. It is the practice of introducing not permitted stationary materials (e.g. note books, crib notes, charts and answers) in the examination hall. Material is often smuggled in pants, shoes, hems and bras or information is written on body parts.

Cause of malpractices

School and Teachers are considered the cause of malpractice along with examination authorities. In many cases, teachers and school reputations relays on the success of students in government examinations, this is basically true where official or un-official school works are published. You can also visit this website for more information here. There is also the issue of prizes awarded to winner schools or individual subject teachers which promotes malpractice by school administrators and teachers.

Organizing WAEC and JAMB preparation tutorials for students to get good JAMB admission status, in local area must be difficult job. All hard work to prove that the tutorials will be enough proved unsuccessful. JAMB exams will lead you to know JAMB admission status and they are not left spared as well, even with many policies and strategies devised to limit exam malpractices; it’s still the same previous story. Post utme test and utme past questions are usually provided in JAMB preparations. utme past questions make people pass post Utme test and JAMB.


Management of Student Personnel Services in Nigerian Universities

Management of Student Personnel Services in Nigerian Universities

What are student personnel services?

Student personnel services are very significantfor the efficient and effectualperformance of the university system. Student personnel services are wellbeing services provided in an institute in order to avert redundant increase in the manners beside social behavior among the students and tocheer positive thinking and actions that would sponsor the skill of their academic detection and choices of future occupation. The students are to get in touch with student people services on matter that affects their socio–academic life. These services are provided to find out students crisis in all effect so as to proffer suitable solution to the problems. Personnel services help you to get knowledge about post utme and it will also provide post utme past questions. One can say that, adequate condition of student employee’s services plays an important role ridiculous higher foundation as it helps to harmonize learning process and students’ good on university grounds.These services also help in giving latest education updates in Nigeria and may also update you about scholarships in Nigeria. You should be watchful for latest education news in Nigeria. These services can also help you with the admission list of your new institution.

Management of Student Personnel Services in Nigerian Universities

Management of student personel services

In the management of higher organization, student personnel services are very important to the effective and efficient performance of the institution. It is a recent novelty in the administration of higher institution. The student personnel services have direct attitude on the flat running of the institution. Student personnel armed forces are those services provided by the institution to enhance effective learning process among the students. For instance, an educationist  in a study on thesub-urbanhousing situation, Nigeria, indicate that in malice of the evident poor housing circumstances in some areas of that capital city, residents did not complain because of their low prospect with respect to public social services. Another educationist stated that housing being one of the basic human needs is acharacteristic of development economics, therefore, of topical concentration to all sectors of the society.

These services also help in giving latest education updates in Nigeria and may also update you about scholarships in Nigeria. Also visit this link: for extra information. According to an educationist the time that students are eager to put into studies depend on the level of profits support, predictable income gains upon service which includes; the records, laboratory, leisure and health facilities among other amenities. These services are vital in giving latest education updates in Nigeria and may also update you about scholarships in Nigeria. You should be watchful for latest education news in Nigeria for getting information aboutstudent personnel services. After reading this also visit our best article here. After appearing in tests for admission, you continuously need to look for the admission list. Admission list will give you the idea about your selection. Student personnel services will also help you to access this information.


Childhood disability in Nigeria, its effects and how to help

Childhood disability in Nigeria, its effects and how to help

Disabled children in Nigeria face many problems. The degree to which disabled children in Nigeria are been abandoned is quite alarming. Disabled children had to go through some of the very difficult hardship in terms of denial and deprivation into schools which of course are supposed to be there correct. The significance of creating a quality atmosphere for disabled children has been completely unnoticed. After reading this article visit our link: for more to know. The incapability for this children to have right of entry to what we should call basic necessities such as basic education, social safety profits, proper shelter, working assistance, social life, etc makes situation worse as they become deprived and even live with poor health.

Education for disabled people in Nigeria

In Nigeria the handicapped child is more likely not to be in school because of absence of money, communications and most important the label on them by society and keeping them away from wealthy homes. Most people will not trust this but apparently, it is true. You can also visit this topic for more information. There are no opportunities for disabled children to get scholarships in Nigeria. There are several scholarships in Nigeria for students but not for disabled students. These scholarships in Nigeria are usually sponsored by government and organizations but not for handicapped children.

Childhood disability in Nigeria, its effects and how to help

Protection act

There is protection for disabled people in Nigerian laws. There is an act that is proposed to protect these helpless children. The 2003 Child Rights Act was to make sure the protection of children right without considering their physical or mental functioning. Article 1 of this Child Right Act, designates the right to life which forces the federal government to develop and create its policies and laws for child life, survival, security and development. Article 7 and 8 of the same act state that the Nigerian child’s right to exceptional education and good health care should be protected. It further states that the government should make basic education compulsory and free of cost for all, apart from that it should encourage equal right for education for all the children of the society including children having any physical or mental disability.

Regardless of the fact that Nigeria has some general policies for children and specifically policies to promote children education since 1981, which identifies equal educational opportunities for all.

In order to overcome the problems faced by the disabled, it is the responsibility of the society to eliminate both social and environmental barriers. Disabled children do not get equal opportunities in education. According to a report, at least 40 million children having disabilities do not get an education thus excluding and depriving them from getting education and skills necessary to profitable employment and forcing them to grow up to be financially dependent upon others. Disable children usually require particular educational resources and teaching techniques largely out of stock in under developed countries which in turn make or break their lives later on. How supportive is our physical environment also matters a lot? Physical environment is a main factor in disabled person ability to get future success or basic provisions.

There are no opportunities for disabled children to get scholarships in Nigeria. There are several scholarships in Nigeria for students but not for disabled students. These scholarships in Nigeria are usually sponsored by government and organizations but not for handicapped children.

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