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3 Student Loan Refinance Options for 2017

One should always shop for the best rate while considering the impact on your credit score of applying to the multiple lenders for as long as one can complete all of the applications within the given time, it will only count as one inquiry on the credit score. And therefore, there are some of equipments used in considerations on student loan application which includes;

  1. student loan refinance calculator. This can help one find out how much money he/she can save if he/she gets refinance.
  2. comparison tool. This allows one to see the student loan terms all at once, therefore no need to give up personal information.

Therefore, before one get refinanced, should read on to see if he/she is eligible or ready to refinance the student loans. The following should be considered;

  1. Loan approval

Loan approval rules vary by lender, however, all of the lenders will require;

  1. A proof that one can afford the payments. This simply means that one should have a job with income that is sufficient to cover the student loans and all other expenses.
  2. A proof that one is a responsible borrower. This follows with a demonstrated record of on-time payments.

However, if one is in a financial difficulty and cannot afford the monthly payments, then a refinance cannot be the solution but instead, one should look at options to avoid a default on the student loan debt. Therefore, this is particularly important if one have Federal loans where he/she should not refinance Federal loans unless they are very comfortable with the ability to repay.

  1. Worthiness

This simply means consideration of the goal with a student loan, which should be to pay as low on interest rate as possible. However, if one is able to reduce the interest rate by re-financing, then he/she should consider the transaction rate, and make sure inclusion of the following in any decision;

  1. Origination fee
  2. Interest rate either fixed or variable
  • Consideration of places to refinance

However, there three main options for student refinance which include the following;

  1. Interest rate increases

This is where many lenders say that there is the use of the 10-year treasury rate to determine the fixed interest rates for 10, 15 or 20 year private student loans which includes those for refinancing. Therefore, experts say some people are trying to lock down the lower interest rates now, since some bank researchers expect the yields on the treasury to go up.

  1. More innovative refinancing products

 One of the products that are in its infancy is using home equity as a cash-out refinance to pay down student loans and also receive lower mortgage rate.

  1. Increasingnumber of lenders in the space

Student loan borrowers can expect to see more lenders enter the student loan refinance market and therefore, with a competitive market, consumers will have more choice and tailored options. Last but not least student loans are very helpful in one way or the other as they support the education of a student.


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