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3 Questions to Answer Before Refinancing Student Loans


Student loan refinancing is a way to save money by swapping your current student loans for a new and a lower interest rate loan. It is simple concept but there are lots of details to dig into. Refinancing involves repaying an older debt by taking on a new loan with fresh terms. Students eager to refinance their loans through a private lender may run into challenge that they will have to select a student loan servicer through which to refinance. That is especially daunting as an …

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Scholarship Scams
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Watch for These Common Scholarship Scams

Scholarships are a great way to relieve your financial burdens while you pursue education for a career that interests you, but you need to be very careful when you apply for them. You need to decide for yourself what seems like a good offer and not fall prey to many shady individuals looking for vulnerable targets. There’s probably something suitable for you out there, but be prepared to do extensive research and to provide proof of your achievements so far. Most of all, you need …

Scholarship Tips
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7 Tips on Winning Scholarships

Many students feel discouraged from even looking for appropriate scholarships because they believe the competition is too strong. We believe that every student can find at least one scholarship with some planning and the right attitude. Scholarships are a great way for students to pay for at least some of the many educational expenses and looking for them requires nothing but patience. We’ve created a list of seven useful tips to help students who are just getting started with their search.

Devote the Time

If you …